Captured Moments in: Barcelona


I went to Barcelona about 5 years ago and I still remember the beauty of the city. Even though my friends and I only visited for about 2 days, we were able to get a real feel of what Barcelona has to offer. I would love to go back for a longer time and explore […]

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Knock Knock: Israel


Another graffiti filled door from Tel Aviv on today’s Knock Knock. Not quite sure what the image on the right side of the door is, any thoughts? For more pictures of my adventures around Israel, check out this post Happy day,

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Knock Knock: Santa Catalina Island


Driving a golf cart around the dreamy island of Santa Catalina brought me past the most adorable little houses I’ve ever seen. I love the tiled roof, the hanging baskets of flowers and a view of the Pacific Ocean peaking out from behind this sweet island home. Eva asked me if I would like to […]

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Preparing for a Cross-Country Road Trip


This summer my boyfriend and I will be driving from Los Angeles, CA to Northern VA over the course of one week. We are very excited to embark on this road trip of a lifetime, but there are definitely some preparations that need to be made. I probably will have learned a lot more after I […]

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Eva’s Lens: Soho Street Art


This past visit to New York City presented me with many more opportunities to take pictures of graffiti! The first is my favorite of the bunch, a mural in the Soho area of New York – reminds us to spread a little love wherever we go. We then stumbled upon a wall named “bleeding hearts”, […]

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Knock Knock: Beijing


Walking around the Temple of Heaven in Beijing brought me to the Seventy-Year-Old Door. After a little research, I learned that this entryway was used by Emperor Qianlong in 1779; his health was failing and he wanted to be able to get to the temple as quick possible. His newer and faster route lead him […]

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How to Pack for Two Climates


Packing for a long trip is hard to do. I always try to strike that balance between packing light and making sure I have everything I need. Three weeks ago I needed to pack for my trip to California followed by a road trip back across the country over a period of about six weeks. […]

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Honeymoon Poll


My fiance and I have been researching places to go on our honeymoon and we have decided that Italy is our top pick! It’s important that we have a mix of travel and relaxation, so we want to choose 3 cities to explore in order to accomplish this. We have already agreed that one of […]

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