Eva’s Lens: 26


Today is my birthday! This past year definitely flew by- don’t they all? Looking back, I feel so fortunate to have experienced so much travel, adventure and love in my 26th year! I got engaged to the love and my life and will be getting married in the upcoming year. I visited London, Prague, Brussels, […]

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Tasty Travels: Pesto Edition


Trying specific cuisine native to the city I’m exploring is something I try to do wherever I go! I’ve had Goulash in Prague, gelato in Italy, sangria in Barcelona, meat pie in Edinburgh and crepes in Paris! Food says a lot about a culture – and for this reason Wonderlost will be highlighting delicious meals […]

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Knock Knock: Asheville, NC


I spotted this charming door walking through the streets of Asheville, NC. I wonder how long this door has been a part of this cute yellow house, and what the door means to the owner. If you are interested in reading more about where to go and what to eat in Asheville, NC, you can […]

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What to do in: Skagway, Alaska


As many of you are aware, I recently took a cruise through Alaska. Over the next few weeks I intend to share facts, photos, and advice on what to see and do in (and around) the Alaskan cities I visited. This week I am focusing on the beautiful city of Skagway and the White Pass […]

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Captured Moments in: Edinburgh


My trip to Scotland was just what I pictured it to be and more – beautiful greenery, many bagpipes, cute cobblestone streets, friendly locals, and lots of history! I loved Scotland and would go back in a heartbeat. Take a look at the photos to relive my weekend in this beautiful city.

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Knock Knock: Prague’s Back


This door is one of my favorite’s from my trip to Prague last fall. I love wood tones, how the coloring fades, and the symmetry of it all. So very beautiful! Hope you have a happy Monday,

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My Love for Florence


I went to Florence in 2011 and had no idea what to expect. It was one of the first stops along my “spring break” while I was studying abroad. A flight to Pisa and some funny pictures later, we arrived by bus in Florence. First stop was to find our hostel – and next on […]

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Knock Knock: Assateague Island


This wooden door, adorned with wooden sticks, was found at the end of a long pier in Assateague Island, Maryland. I love how simple and natural the door blends in with the beautiful nature behind it. It’s cracked open just right so you can see a peak of what lays beyond the door. It almost […]

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