Just My Luck

I had an absolutely smashing time visiting Marisa and her friend (and now mine too) Mary Liz in Dublin. Although it rained 95% of the time I was there, Dublin was a pretty city with the friendliest people. Mary Liz, her boyfriend, and her friends were so funny and it was neat to see the city through locals.


The first day I arrived, I met up with Marisa and Mary Liz and we went to grab food at this restaurant called Thunder Road where they played cheesy 80’s music videos and I got my first of two bangers and mash. After dinner we went to a really cute pub called Shebeen with her friend Seana and her boyfriend. We took silly photos in one of those photobooths and it was a really great time. The next morning the three of us went to a pretty church for mass.

Afterwards, we got coffee and headed to the Wax Museum. Mary Liz’s father is ambassador for Ireland and important to the Irish government, so he is actually in the Wax Museum. So I kind of met him. I learned a lot about the Irish government and they are having their election on Thursday so ML told us about the different candidates–they were all quite interesting (one is gay!)

Then we went to tour the Guinness factory. The tour ended in the Gravity bar with a “free” pint of Guinness. From the bar, which was surrounded by windows, I could see out to all of Dublin and the mountains. After the tour we went and got carvery food at a place called MJ O’Neils and headed out to the  mountains for a drive.


We picked up her very Irish looking boyfriend–I’m talking bright red hair and a beard–and drove up windy roads past lots of sheep and greenery to the highest pub in Ireland, Johnnie Fox’s. It was so old inside with lots of Irish-ness all around. At a table nearby a group of people started drunkenly singing and it was exactly how I imagined it should be.

Monday, Marisa and I did  bit of shopping like true tourists and then met Mary Liz to get lunch and then coffee at the cutest coffeehouse called Moda. They served me the prettiest cappuccino! And that evening we went out to celebrate Marisa’s birthday. The second pub we went to we met two guys who sat next to us at the bar, Barry the musician and Paul the poet. Paul recited a poem he wrote about Guinness and Barry gave me his card to look up his band, The Bonny Men. (http://www.myspace.com/thebonnymen) Yes, he plays Irish folk music.

Afterwards, we went to a joint called the Village where we got to see Mary Liz’s boyfriend’s brothers’ band play. It was great fun and I was happy to celebrate Marisa’s birthday with her in Ireland.

Sunday the four of us went and got food from The Elephant Castle, famous for their chicken wings, and Mary Liz kindly drove me to the airport. Dublin was a fun city with lovely people and I am so glad I got to see it through the eyes of locals. Mary Liz and Jay were great tour guides and so much fun. Definitely an experience from start to end.

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