A Magazine Worth Reading

I recently came across the website for a wonderfully inspiring magazine for women called DarlingTheir mission statement is as follows:

I just began reading some of their articles and so far I am quite impressed. Most magazines that cater to young women are trash. Cosmo, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, even Marie Claire, set unattainable standards for women. They promote vanity, materialism, and tips for how to please a man. Although from time to time there may be an article of value, generally the items they show are unaffordable to most women and they celebrate unrealistic (and unhealthy) standards of beauty. I do not find much inspiration or valuable insight from their articles.

Darling has a team of writers who offer genuine advice and inspiration to women. They seem to promote a different set of values. The most recent article they posted titled “Mr. Right” celebrates the idea that for women to find the perfect guy, they need to stop  looking for him. It is more important to build your own life, your own set of values, passion, and interests, and one day you may find that your perfect guys’s track is running right alongside yours. They encourage women to surround themselves with people and friends who share similar interests and drive. That is where you will find your “Mr. Right.”  I think this is excellent advice, especially for young women, like myself, who are graduating college and entering a world of new opportunities and new people.

I will certainly be a frequent visitor of this website and I encourage other young women to do the same.  I may even apply to be a contributing writer for their site since I love and agree with what they stand for! Here is the link to check them out: http://darlingmagazine.org.

*Both photos are screenshots taken by me from the Darling Magazine website

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