I know it’s been awhile since I last blogged, my new job has been keeping me busy! Since my last post I spent a wonderful weekend with one of my best friends at her beautiful home in Boston. My view on the descent into Boston was spectacular. I was able to snap a quick picture while leaning over my rather annoyed neighbor (whoops!) Upon arrival to her home, I was greeted by this loving face! Hanging out with Baci (which means kiss in Italian…so perfect) was one of the highlights of my trip. He is such a cuddly sweetheart!

My first day there was spent relaxing by my friend’s gorgeous pool. Eva and I traveled across the world and visited so many different countries together while we studied abroad in London, but I’ve got to say one of my favorite memories with her is relaxing at her home just outside of Boston.

That evening we went to Union St Bar, where her friend’s band was playing. We got a big table right in front of where they were performing. They sounded great and I had a lot of fun meeting some of her friends from high school. I also loved hearing the Boston accent throughout my weekend there–I know I’m a dork, but I just love listening to accents of all kinds. The crowd at Union St was lively and most people seemed to know the two guys from the band which was pretty cool. One of the guys’ dad was even there to support him!

The next day, Eva showed me around her quaint hometown of Sharon. We drove out to the outlet mall near her house and got some great deals at the Banana Republic (another highlight)! She drove me to Gillette Stadium where we got out and walked around. Now I am not a big sports fanatic, but it was pretty exciting to see the stadium and restaurants and bars there. It was a really neat area and looked like it would be so exciting to be there during a game. I feel like watching sports teams from Boston is more fun than in other cities–Boston sports fans are so passionate and competitive and it seems like it would be hard to not get sucked into it.

In the late afternoon we met up with some of Eva’s friends in Boston Commons, a beautiful park in Boston. We walked up and down Newbury Street and then settled down in the park with some wine. It was a beautiful afternoon. We then headed over to a bar that Eva and her boyfriend had been planning on taking me to called Scholar’s. It was beautiful inside and was a perfect combination of classy and casual. We sat in a lounge area and had a few drinks before we proceeded to the dance floor they had downstairs. This is definitely a bar to check out when you visit Boston!

My last full day we spent again by the pool (we both fell asleep in the sun)  and then in the afternoon we headed back into Boston. On our way to the Seaport area, we drove around the Red Sox Stadium –and just like Gillette Stadium– it was a really fun area. We met up with more more friends at a restaurant called Jerry Remy’s located right on Boston Harbor. It was a beautiful location. I remembered that area when my family and I visited Boston last summer because we stayed in a hotel in that area. I really enjoyed hanging out there.

On our way back to Sharon we stopped by a fantastic homemade ice cream shop called Crescent Ridge. Eva introduced me to her favorite ice cream which had actual chocolate truffles in it. I was in heaven.

I had been looking forward to my trip to Boston for months and it came and went so fast. I had an amazing time and was so grateful to have a wonderful friend share her life with me. Boston is a great city with amazing people and I already look forward to my next visit. I recommend everyone visit Boston at least once in their life.  Eva now it’s my turn to show you around D.C.!


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Erin founded the Wonderlost Travel blog in February of 2015 after her experience of studying abroad in Europe. Erin has had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and parts of South America and Asia. She enjoys writing about and photographing her travel experiences in order to inspire others to get out and follow their travel dreams. She has collaborated with tourism departments, restaurants, and other travel bloggers to share reviews and travel advice with readers in over 100 countries. Erin has a passion for traveling the world to experience other cultures and explore nature!

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