Packing up to see the world

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Traveling to new places is like waking up for a sunrise. It is something to look forward to, but it can be rare. Waking up early enough isn’t always easy, but it is usually worth it. And with a sunrise, like travel, comes a new day full of opportunity and possibility.

There are few things in life that get me giddy like the thought of planning and preparing for a trip. The excitement of seeing a new place is one I think everyone can relate to. That feeling of anticipation, expectation, and curiosity in what we have yet to explore.  Carefully packing your suitcase with the outfits of what you will wear on those days of discovery, while saving room for treasures to bring back. Making sure you have your itinerary ready, but also leaving space for spontaneity.

2014 had its good moments and its bad moments, like every year does. But I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the new year that 2015 would be different. I wanted to make some real changes in my life, so I did. I quit my job with the hope of making room to discover my passion. I bought a ukulele to learn a new instrument. I began writing in my blog again to exercise my mind and provide a place to record the memories of places I have been.

Aaaaand I booked a trip (well, actually two trips) to Europe. My friends and I have been talking about planning a reunion back to London for several years, but we finally decided this was the year to do it. So in September I will be traveling to London, Prague and Iceland. I am so excited to return to London and walk the streets I used to back when I was living there. And seeing two new places is going to be a dream.Then, this past week my mom and I, pretty spontaneously, decided to book a trip to Ireland. In one month. ONE month. We will be staying in Dublin, but traveling to other parts of Ireland as well, including the Cliffs of Moher. I am thrilled to be returning to Dublin, but I am even more excited to explore the Irish countryside.

Less than one month ago I still had my job, no instrument, a quiet blog and no European trips in sight. I was tired and uninspired. I would like to say all this change has something to do with my vision board, which I still highly recommend everyone make for themselves. I know it’s cheesy, but hey, it could bring about some positive change in your life if you let it!

It is only February, and this year is proving to be a lot more exciting than I expected. I have learned it is easy to talk about wanting to change your life. But if you want to see that change, then you have to make some changes. Book that trip, quit your job, move to a new place. These can be difficult and scary decisions, but if what you’re doing isn’t setting you up to achieve your goals or isn’t bringing you happiness anymore, I say it is time to pack yourself up and make a change.

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Erin founded the Wonderlost Travel blog in February of 2015 after her experience of studying abroad in Europe. Erin has had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and parts of South America and Asia. She enjoys writing about and photographing her travel experiences in order to inspire others to get out and follow their travel dreams. She has collaborated with tourism departments, restaurants, and other travel bloggers to share reviews and travel advice with readers in over 100 countries. Erin has a passion for traveling the world to experience other cultures and explore nature!

3 thoughts on “Packing up to see the world

  1. Wanderlost, indeed! What a lovely post!
    I relate so to your wish/need for traveling. I feel the same. And not just talking the talk but walking the walk is what it’s all about. I hope, your year (so far) has lived up to your expectations.
    xo P!

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