Czech out Prague: Part One

I’ve always wanted to go to Prague ever since I heard how beautiful it was four years ago when my London house mom, Charlotte, told me it was her favorite city. A group of us tried to go when we were abroad but we did not have enough weekends to do it. This past trip to Europe, Erin, Meg and I made it a plan to go to Prague and see everything it had to offer.


After a bit of a delayed start, our plane landed in the Czech Republic! On the half hour drive to our flat from the airport we drove in and out of small windy streets until we were able to see the beautiful clay rooftops from afar; the ones I’ve always seen in pictures and ones that Charlotte adored. It then hit me that I was finally in Prague!

Once we got dropped off at our flat we were hungry and wanted to start the day. While we were checking out our home for the next two days, we were amazed by the beautiful view our flat offered; there were not one, but two terraces! We were only staying in Prague for a short time but this little addition was a sweet treat.



We walked down the street to find a quick bite to eat and ended up at a sandwich shop. After some confusion about the menu when ordering, it all hit us that we were very far from home. Few people spoke English in this small fast food chain and we left a bit nervous for what was to come. We sat outside, ate our sandwiches and took in our surroundings. The buildings nearby had a very eastern-european, medieval, post-war feeling.

After lunch, we went back to the flat to connect to wifi and plan the rest of our afternoon. We decided to go on boat tour along the main river. We walked to the port and got on the so-called 1-hour jazz boat cruise which happened to be music-less and was just twice as slow as the half hour ride. Oh well! We enjoyed each other’s company and were able to see some of the main buildings along the river.



After the boat cruise we had an hour to kill before our dinner reservation at Grosseto Marina, recommended to us by a friend, but also by a few of you fellow bloggers! We decided to head to the famous Charles Bridge and walk over it, take some pictures, and walk back in the direction of dinner, which ended up being perfect timing.


The Charles Bridge was filled with vendors selling artwork and jewelry and tourists walking around, taking photos and taking in the sights. You can read more about the history of the Charles Bridge here.





One thing about Prague that amazed me was that every road, whether it was an alleyway or main road, was lined with cobblestone. Very rarely did I see roads that were paved. I had a conversation with our taxi driver on the way back to the airport that it was ruining his car! I have been to many cities that have traces of cobblestone here and there, but Prague really outdid all of them. The city has so much history and it showed it in the roads.


Our dinner at Grosseto Marina was one to remember. We were seated right by an open kitchen and a floor to ceiling window facing the water. It was nice to see all of the dishes coming out of the kitchen before we got to order our meals. We started with a bottle of red wine and bruschetta before our main dishes. We all decided to order pasta; it was homemade and so delicious. We left the restaurant with full stomachs and smiles on our faces.


After dinner, we walked toward the famous Old Town Square. It was buzzing with people sitting at outdoor cafes and restaurants. In the square, we got to see the famous astronomical clock. The astronomical clock is the oldest and largest working clock in all of Europe. One famous legend we learned is that the city councilers of Prague were scared that the builder would build another clock like it in another European city. One night, they had him blinded so that the clock only remained in Prague. How awful!


From there, we ventured over to a local pub. We spent the night there chatting with some new friends and trying some local brews. It was a relaxing night after our busy morning and afternoon of sightseeing.

That is it for day one! Stay tuned for our day two adventures, written by the lovely Erin.

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2 thoughts on “Czech out Prague: Part One

  1. No, we did not go up the Petrin Tower. It was on our list of things to do but we were only there for a few days and ended up not being able to fit it in. I wanted to go up the Tower to get a good view of all of the orangey/red clay rooftops but there are definitely other ways in Prague to achieve this. We went on a hop on hop off bus ride throughout the city which brought us up some windy roads that had good look out views. We also were able to get a good view from the Airbnb flat we stayed in. I’ve heard the view is pretty wonderful though. Enjoy your trip and thanks for stopping by!

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