City of Angels


Over Labor Day weekend I flew out to Los Angeles, California to visit my boyfriend, cousin, and a few friends. I have been to California once before when I was in high school and my family took a trip to San Franscico. We also visited Napa Valley, drove down the coast via Big Sur, and visited Carmel by the Sea. It was a stunningly beautiful trip that I won’t ever forget. I have never been to L.A., so I was very excited to see Southern California.


The weather was exactly what I imagined. Low humidity, bright sunshine and clear skies every day. Palm trees rocketed into the sky providing a picturesque view in every direction you looked. Something that took me by surprise was how HUGE Los Angeles is. The city is enormous. L.A. is really a collection of smaller cities where you can hop from one place to the next via winding roads providing spectacular views of the ocean, hills and city.

View from Lunch
View from Lunch

The food was incredible everywhere we ate. That’s a trend I have noticed in California–almost no matter where you go, the food is delicious. The people were also very friendly as you would imagine (except on the road, people drive even crazier there than they do here in D.C.)

View from the Pier
View from the Pier

One favorite moment of mine was walking around Venice Beach with Ryan. We walked up and down the pier and got to see the beach from way out into the ocean. The view was like staring at a painting. Golden hills served as the backdrop of a beautiful white sand beach filled with palm trees and people. We also saw a seal playing in the water right below us. It was so cute! The water was so clear you could see through it. 

2015-09-07 13.54.55


The shoreline went far out into the sea so people were “wading” way out there in the ocean. Venice Beach was eclectic with all kinds of people. There were skateparks, a muscle beach, and lots of concession stands, restaurants, bars, and games.


Another favorite moment of mine was when we went to visit my cousin who lives near Ventura Boulevard. He took us on an incredible ride up and down the famous Mulholland Drive. We saw a lot of L.A. on this ride including West Hollywood, the major shopping areas, and paparazzi-central where all the celebrities go. We also walked across the bridge featured in the intro to the Andy Griffith show.

Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Drive

My cousin is in the music industry in L.A. and has his own studio. He showed us all his equipment and a lot of the (really cool) projects he is currently working on. I even had the chance to drop my own single! (kidding)


I loved spending my days walking in the breezy sunshine, eating delicious food, and laying on the beach (even though I got pretty badly burned, damn you California sun!) California is one of the prettiest states in the U.S. There is still so much of California I haven’t seen yet and I look forward to my next trip to California (the end of this month!) 


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