Eva’s Lens: Looking back, video style

I love photography. I enjoy looking for a good picture opportunity and stumbling upon one as well. Getting a good composition of light and scenery makes me a happy camper! And although most trips are filled with photographs, the few I’ve recorded by video have been the ones most dear to my heart.

Such is true on my trip to Israel. My boyfriend brought his old video camera; I am thankful it lasted the majority of the time! While everyone else was snapping away with their cameras, he took real time videos.

First day recap on the bus
First day recap on the bus

Carl made all of the clips of our trip to Israel into a DVD and gave them out to friends on our trip who wanted a copy. It was a great day-to-day memory of what we experienced, with specific quotes from friends and things I wouldn’t have remembered otherwise. 

Carl recording on a camel!

Carl and I have watched the video a handful of times since our trip and smile the whole way through. Our memories come alive and it takes us right back to the feeling we had all throughout the trip. It was such an amazing experience and the fact that we have it all recorded makes it that much better.

One of the last days, while the sun was setting over the desert, everyone on the trip walked by Carl and said their name and where they were from - it was the introduction to the DVD.
One of the last days, while the sun was setting over the desert, everyone on the trip walked by Carl and said their name and where they were from – it was the introduction to the DVD.

Another vivid memory I have is when I was in Paris with my study abroad group. My friend and I woke up early and made our way to Notre Dame, passing through the Jardin de Tuileries before we met up with the rest of the group. We sat in the garden as I pressed the record button on my digital camera and took in the moment. It was a surreal moment for the both of us to be in Paris together and I wanted to document it. In the video, I said the date, time, and what our plan was for the day and how we were feeling. When I watch that video, even though it was only a minute long or so, it definitely brings me back. Read about my love for Paris in more detail, here.

I recommend taking some video clips of your next adventure; you will have it forever and be able to relive the experience, I think, in a better way than a photo captures a moment.

evasigfinal (1)

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Erin founded the Wonderlost Travel blog in February of 2015 after her experience of studying abroad in Europe. Erin has had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and parts of South America and Asia. She enjoys writing about and photographing her travel experiences in order to inspire others to get out and follow their travel dreams. She has collaborated with tourism departments, restaurants, and other travel bloggers to share reviews and travel advice with readers in over 100 countries. Erin has a passion for traveling the world to experience other cultures and explore nature!

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