An Ode to October


The season of crisp air, cool nights, crunchy leaves, warm colors, cozy sweaters, and delicious scents is upon us. When I was a little girl, my family and I moved from sunny Florida to Northern Virginia. I had never fully experienced fall until that move. I remember the first time I visited a fall festival, picked a pumpkin at a real farm, and drank fresh apple cider all while draped in a warm sweater. These are precious memories that I will always cherish. 

Now that I live in Virginia, I don’t think I could live somewhere without seasons. I look forward to the gradual transition from blooming spring to sunny summer to cozy autumn and then a quiet winter. It is a beautiful and comforting thing to witness. I have always known that May and October are my favorite months of the year. I find that I feel a transition in my own life with the changing of the seasons too. 


October is a time of colors and change. We are transitioning out of the fun, bright summer and moving towards a quieter and cozier time of year. We can feel the holidays around the corner, beginning with Halloween. Fall festivals and farms are just a short drive away. Pumpkin-flavored everything surrounds us, whether you like it or not. My favorite smells occur in this season. Cinnamon and pumpkin and nutmeg make their presence known. The air itself seems to change. It becomes fresh, crisp, and clean. Candles such as “sweater weather” and “pumpkin spice” are burned in houses everywhere.

Baking an earl gray lavender cake
Baking an earl gray lavender cake

Last autumn, my sister, her friend from law school, and I visited Cox Farms. This day is still so vivid in my mind. Cox Farms is a beautiful farm located in Centrevelle, VA. The farm comes to life in the fall, especially around Halloween. The day we visited was a gorgeous, sunny day filled with treats, hayrides, pumpkin picking, hay slides, and even sledding! As Halloween approaches, Cox Farms features haunted hayrides and a zombie maze. (I can’t believe Halloween is only one week away!)

View of Cox Farms from the top of the hayslide
View of Cox Farms from the top of the hayslide
FullSizeRender (6)
Sara and her boyfriend, Tom, at Cox Farms this year. Photo Credit: Sara Scherer
FullSizeRender (7)
Photo Credit: Sara Scherer

This autumn, try to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Go on a hike, pick some pumpkins, and enjoy the season while it lasts. Autumn has a tendency to come and go, sandwiched in the middle of summer and winter, it never seems to last as long as I’d like. Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of nature and the renewal of our planet as each season arrives.

Paris in the Fall
Paris in the Fall

erinsigfinal (1)

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6 thoughts on “An Ode to October

  1. I happened to be sipping a pumpkin-flavored cafe au lait with fresh nutmeg and cinnamon as I read this post! Yes, there’s magic in the air. So colorful and beautiful.


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