A Thanksgiving Surprise

The holidays are officially here! Thanksgiving passed yesterday and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful week (in both weather and events.) A few weeks ago I received an email from Eva’s sister, Amanda, that Eva’s boyfriend, Carl, was proposing to her the day before Thanksgiving. She and Carl’s best friend, Josh, were coordinating a surprise engagement party the night of the event and were reaching out to friends near and far to see if they could attend. Of course I jumped for joy at this email because Eva and Carl are two of the most generous, kind-spirited, and fun-loving people you could meet. I was thrilled that they thought to include me in this surprise celebration for Eva.

Tuesday morning I drove up to Boston and arrived there later that evening. I spent the next day hanging out with Amanda and Josh in the city. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we headed over to eat lunch at Fanueil Hall. They had everything you could want in Quincy Market. The smells fill the hall and we each ordered something different and ate under the dome in the center of the hall.IMG_8770


After lunch we spent time admiring all the Christmas decorations and the large tree they had set up right in the middle of the square. Amanda told me she attended the tree lighting this year and learned that this is the largest tree on display in America–even bigger than Rockefeller! It is a gift given to Boston every year in acknowledgement of a large fire that people from Boston helped to put out in Nova Scotia in the past.


IMG_8833 (1)


The rest of the day we spent preparing for the exciting night ahead. Amanda had picked up decorations for us to put in Carl and Eva’s apartment to surprise them when they got home for the night. After setting things up we headed to the restaurant where we were to meet the rest of the group coming for the surprise. It was a sports bar right on the water called Jerry Remy’s which is right next door to where Eva and Carl were eating a fancy dinner after the proposal happened. After the group of about 25 people had all arrived at Remy’s we snuck in next door to Del Frisco’s. Amanda had everyone hide behind a wall near the bar except for her and Josh and she wanted me to film the surprise. I can’t tell you how emotional it was to watch Eva walk down that hall and see her mouth drop the moment she recognized Josh and Amanda and then me. She burst into tears as she continued the walk, so naturally we were all in tears with her. Then the rest of the group came out to surprise her even more. It was a beautiful celebration!


Eva, Carl and Amanda


I am so excited for one of my best friends to be engaged. Eva is a truly spectacular, humble and loving soul. I can’t wait to see what their future has in store for Carl and Eva. 


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was able to make it home in time for dinner with my family on Thanksgiving which I am very grateful for. Christmas is only 28 days away!

evasigfinal (1)

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