Eva’s Lens: Surprise!

I am still on cloud nine from the past week and a half of bliss! My boyfriend of almost 9 years became my fiancé and I am still overwhelmed with emotion and the outpouring of love from all of our family and friends.

A (false) plan of a night out with another couple quickly turned into Carl down on one knee followed by a night celebrating with all of our friends.


As Erin explained in a previous post, she graciously drove 12 hours (who does that?!?!) to be there to celebrate us. This sweet gesture as well as others from my dear friends leading up to the perfect night 2+ months in the making makes my heart explode. 


Everyone involved went above and beyond to make this moment the most special one I could have ever dreamed of. Carl and I are so fortunate to have wonderful friends and family around us and to be surrounded by so much support, encouragement and love is a feeling I’ll never be able to explain.

I’ve heard that the period of time when you get engaged is the time filled with the most happiness and I can definitely agree; I feel all the love. I wish I could bottle this feeling and save it forever.


Thank you to my best friend and author of this lovely blog for showing such dedication for coming all the way to Boston and surprising the crap out of me! I almost fell over when I saw her – pure disbelief.

Cheers to the most thankful time of year, my sweet fiancé (I won’t ever be able to get over that word!) and lots of love!

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Eva joined Wonderlost as a contributor and finds great joy partnering with her best friend Erin! She enjoys the creativity writing gives and loves travel, tea time, planning, spontaneity, photography and putting the extra in the ordinary. Eva wants to share bits and pieces of her experiences to our readers in hopes they have the urge to plan their next adventure!

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