Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I wanted to share some ideas for fun and affordable gift ideas for the travel lover in your life. And if you’re not into Valentine’s Day, these could be given as a gift (even for yourself) any time of year!


GlobeIn has the most adorable gifts! They are a monthly subscription of highly curated, artisan-made products from around the world. Each month you receive a new basket filled with handmade goodies from around the world surrounding a theme: cozy, pamper, world kitchen, etc. They also sell gifts outside of the monthly subscription if you want to buy something without subscribing. You can feel good about your purchase because each basket gives back to the artisan in need who made it. (Use this link to get $10 off your first 3 month subscription. By using this link you will save yourself some money while also helping to support Wonderlost as a GlobeIn affiliate. Thank you!)


Comfort Kit — $7.00

How adorable is this comfort kit? It comes with an inflatable neck pillow (I’ve heard those are even better than the foam ones they sell at the airports), an eye mask, earplugs, and an adorable holding pouch to keep it all together. I have a neck pillow right now, but this comfort kit is making me want to get an eye mask.  A great way to be comfortable on those long haul flights.

Flight Kit

Cord Pouch — $49.00

This is a bit more costly, but it could be really handy especially if you are going somewhere that requires different cords for your camera, phone, laptop, earplugs, etc. Plus it can handle a couple of knick-knacks as well such as your glasses or converter. Anything to keep you organized while traveling and prevent lost chargers is a big plus in my opinion!

cord pouch

Scratch off Map — $29.00

This is something I hope to have hanging in my room someday soon. This interactive scratch off map offers a great visual for all of your travel destinations. They have lots of different versions, but this one I found runs for around $30. Amazon is a good place to search for alternatives, but what a cute gift!


Tinggly: The World’s Best Experiences in a Gift Box–$75.00

This website is something I recently came across, and I think it is such a cool idea! If you know of someone who is planning a trip somewhere, this website has hundreds of vouchers they can use across the globe to cash in for an incredible once in a lifetime experience. Everything from skydiving to swimming with sharks, to waterfall rappelling in the jungle. Most of the vouchers are good for about two years, so it is something they can hold onto until the time is right.


Travel Stub Diary–$12.00

This is a great gift for that person in your life who likes to hold onto every boarding pass, brochure, ticketstub, and receipt from their travels. I did that for a lot of my experiences while studying abroad and for awhile I had them all banded together in a shoebox. But then I found a travel stub diary with clear plastic pockets that is meant to hold the things that you collect along the way. And it is so affordable! The best souvenirs are memories ❤

travel stub diary

One Year Subscription to National Geographic — $12.00

I love National Geographic. The magazines are printed monthly and at your typical grocery or bookstore, they will run you upwards of $15.00 PER ISSUE. If you buy an annual subscription you pay around  $12.00 for 12 issues. What a deal! There is nothing like flipping through the breathtaking photos and stories of Nat Geo to get your traveler mind spinning with new ideas of places to go and experiences to be had.

Try the World — Starting at $39.00 every two months

If you know someone who is both a food and travel lover (usually go hand in hand) this would be a really fun gift idea to experience together. Every two months a box filled with goodies representative of a different country is sent to your door. It typically contains about 7-8 different goodies from teas, to spices, curries, and jams representative of a particular country’s taste. This option is a bit pricier in my opinion, but if you can’t travel right now, it could be a creative way to plan a fun travel inspired date night! Bonus: there is a 14% discount for Valentine’s Day!

Try the world

Chatbooks — $8.00

I just heard of this and I think it is such a fun idea if the traveler in your life posts their best pictures on Instagram. For $8.00 and free shipping, Chatbooks will create a 60 page (60 picture) book of your Instagram shots. You download an app and it automatically generates volumes of Instagram books in groups of 60 photos. You can pick and choose if you want to keep some photos out, but what a great idea for a coffee table or keepsake in your office.


I hope this helps give you inspiration to treat your travel lover or yourself to some fun travel inspired gifts!

erinsigfinal (1)

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12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Try the World looks sooooo awesome (and delicious). I also love those scratch off maps. The only thing I don’t like about them is it disproportionately encourages travel to different places. I wish there was a version of it where you scratched off an equal sized section of the image that corresponded to a certain country. Same idea revealing the world underneath, but equal incentive to go everywhere :)!

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  2. I really love the Chatbooks idea, how neat! I think the scratch off map would be fun for future travels, it’d be such a good feeling to come home from somewhere and ceremoniously scratch off that country!


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