Guest Post: Australia’s Most Fun Activities

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Are you planning an adventurous trip somewhere wild yet tame enough for urban travelers? Are you looking for a place with a strong cultural background, strange wildlife and amazing scenery? Then look no further because the Land Down Under is the destination for you! Aquatic activities, relaxing in-land tours and discovering great local foods are just some of the ways you can spend your time in Australia. Here are a few suggestions for the ideal vacation to Australia:


Bridge Climb

Let’s start off with the most popular (and most populated) city in Australia: Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales. Located on the eastern shore, it surrounds the world’s largest natural harbor, Port Jackson. Port Jackson represents one of the most memorable sites in Sydney with the two signature monuments right beside it – The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The bridge provides you with the most amazing view of the entire city, and you can climb it too. You can join a group of people and, together with a certified instructor, reach the top of the bridge to have a sightseeing climb of a lifetime.


Wine Tours

Are you interested in ditching the bustling rush of the big cities and taking a ride through the countryside? There’s an ideal way to spend an entire day: take one of many wine tours and explore the wonders of the Australian wine region and all the varietals produced there.

Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you start your trip from a pickup spot in Melbourne and take a trip to visit four of the best wineries in the Yarra Valley: Balgownie Estate, Punt Road Winery, Domaine Chandon and Yering Farm. You can sip and taste some of the finest wines while learning about the production process itself. I always cheat by using my free wine app and often get a free bottle. A winner! For an exceptional experience – go for the same trip but by a hot air balloon! The scenery will leave you breathless.

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Similar to King Arthur in the Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie, you can embark on your own quest to find a decent shrubbery! Bushwalking is an Aussie expression for activities such as hiking, trekking, hill walking and camping, making it the ultimate adventure for nature-loving enthusiasts. Follow the the path of many daring knights and dames that have set foot into the enchanting wilderness of Australian forests and national parks and discover original habitats of some of the most unique creatures on Earth.



Whether it’s the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Southern Ocean in the south (obviously) or the Indian Ocean in the west – whichever side of the world you turn to – Australia has good winds under her sail. Amazing sandy beaches hold perfect waves for surfers of all skills and great surfing schools for first timers. If you don’t have your own equipment there are plenty of specialized surf stores where you can find find stand up paddle boards to your liking. It’s a matter of personal preference whether should you go to the Bells Beach, the gateway to Victoria’s Surf Coast, to New South Wales or even Tasmania – you can’t go wrong. The variety of beaches available give you the chance to have your own surfing paradise for a day.


Food/coffee/beer day

For all of you with uncompromising pallets in search for thrills of new and special flavors, the Aussies have a lot of mouthwatering delights to offer. Sydney alone is the host of some of the world’s top restaurants where you can try anything from the internationally famous courses with an Australian twist, to some of the special Aussie dishes which may surprise you. Also, there are a lot of small local breweries and coffee places in Melbourne and Sydney where you can experience the full flavors of your favorite beverages while enjoying the vast cultural program and nightlife entertainment.


Can you picture yourself at some of these places? If the answer is yes – then get ready to hop into a plane for the land of kangaroos and weird English accent. You will never want to leave.

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