My New Favorite Airline: Alaska Airlines

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I flew Alaska Airlines for the first time from Baltimore to Los Angeles in early February of this year. I heard good things about it from a friend of mine who told me her sister swears by Alaska Airlines. The verdict is in for me: Alaska Airlines is a keeper. Here are my reasons why:

Mileage Program

First, I was impressed when I took a look into Alaska’s mileage program. Their miles don’t expire–which I love! So many mileage programs offer miles but only allow you a few months to a year to cash them in before they expire. That’s not usually enough time to rack up the points  needed to purchase a new flight. The other great thing about this program is they partner with major airlines including: IcelandAir, Delta, American Airlines, British Airways, and AirFrance among others. So you don’t have to fly Alaska in order to earn miles.


I can’t speak highly enough about the service I witnessed on the flights to and from LAX. (Keep in mind, I am only referencing my experience on two flights. I can’t vouch for all flight attendants and crew members employed by Alaska Airlines). The flight attendants were attentive, the flights were either on time, the plane was clean and comfortable, and the pilots communicated frequently with passengers. They did everything you could hope for on a cross-country flight.

Food and Beverages

They serve Starbucks coffee! Can you ask for anything more? But in all seriousness, Alaska Airlines has an incredible reputation for their food. With a chef’s input in the meals they serve, Alaska Airlines is focused on featuring local foods when possible to its passengers. For instance, their offerings on flights to Hawaii include Island Hash and Huli Huli Chicken Skillet. Sounds delicious!

Baggage Policy

At the end of my flight, the flight attendant came over the speaker to tell us which carousel our luggage would arrive. She promised if our bags were not there within 20 minutes to please see an Alaska Airlines employee to receive free miles for the hassle. Twenty minutes? If only every airline made this promise maybe airline travel wouldn’t be so dreaded or time consuming.

Overall, I had a top notch experience flying with Alaska. Again, I’ve only taken two flights so I am not a frequent flyer on Alaska Airlines (yet). But I did make sure to sign up for their mileage program, and I look forward to flying with them again in the near future. I’m hoping to rack up enough miles to earn a free flight to Alaska!

Here is an interesting image I recently saw showing the world’s 20 “best” airlines.

Have you flown any of these? Which is your favorite airline? Which is your least favorite?

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5 thoughts on “My New Favorite Airline: Alaska Airlines

  1. Erin – I flew Alaska to and from Seattle a few weeks ago and was also very impressed with their customer service and the promptness of my flights (they both landed early, which is unheard of). I did want to mention though that on my flight back to DCA from Seattle, I bought one of the snack packs, can’t remember the name of it, but it came with 3 different kinds of cheese, grapes, crackers and a chocolate (nice touch), however, the cheese was on the verge of stale and grapes were moldy! It seemed as if I got the pack that was at the back of the refrigerator or something which sucked because it cost me $7! I didn’t complain because I’m not really one to do that unless I’m really unhappy but I should have asked for my money back at least.

    Other than that one minor issue, Alaska is awesome and I’ve been recommending them to everyone flight to the west coast and/or Alaska/Hawaii 🙂

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    1. Oh that’s awful! Thanks for sharing that experience–funny cause I thought of buying one of those snack packs too. Thanks for reading and letting us know! Hopefully it doesn’t happen for you again, but if it does you should definitely get your money back 🙂


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