5 ways to get organized before a trip

In a few short months I am traveling to Paris! On my radar are the following things to get organized and to add to my list before departing for our adventure. Preparing with these few tips will make my trip as smooth as possible!

Paris, Eiffel Tower

1. Have an itinerary.

Whether this means a detailed day-to-day breakdown or a loose itinerary, it’s good to have ideas for what you want to accomplish during your travels! I usually search blogs or start a shared doc with friends who I’m traveling with, so we can all add ideas of things we want to do. Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Instagram are also huge helpers to get an idea of where the best parks, restaurants, or great skyline views are. Not having a plan is also an adventurous way to travel, but having a plan will make your time more efficient in a city, especially if you are there for a short period of time. 

2. Research accordingly.

 My friends and I were traveling from London to Italy when we realized our bags were too heavy to get on the plane. We all had to unload, put the heavier items on our actual bodies, and re-weigh our bags to make sure they were under the limit. Needless to say we had to run to the plane because this created a huge delay! Looking back at it, I laugh, but during that mess, I was kicking myself! Be sure to figure out the airline restrictions and pack accordingly.

3. Keep packing simple.

Are you staying in a hotel that provides toiletries? Have you checked the weather where your final destination is? If the place you are staying has shampoo and conditioner, lighten your load and use toiletries that the hotel provides. Is the weather different than where you are coming from? Keep in mind different climates and adjust your plan based on it.

4. Make sure your passport is up to date.

Some countries require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip. Some airlines will not allow you to board if this requirement is not met. Be sure to renew your passport before your trip comes up if you are cutting it close to the six month deadline. Check this helpful link to check a specific country’s requirements.

5. Access to technology.

Keeping in touch with loved ones while away is important for everyone involved! Have you decided whether or not you will carry your regular cell phone or a prepaid one? Will you add an international plan on your phone? Be sure to download Whatsapp or Viber app to stay in contact with family and friends while your phone is on wifi. Will you have enough space on your phone for all the new pictures you will take? Dump existing photos into Dropbox to make room for new ones and so you don’t run out of space mid-trip.

Hope these simple little tips can get you thinking of ways to plan better and organize efficiently before your trip so you can have a stress free, fun, and enjoyable time leading up to your adventure!

evasigfinal (1)

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Eva joined Wonderlost as a contributor and finds great joy partnering with her best friend Erin! She enjoys the creativity writing gives and loves travel, tea time, planning, spontaneity, photography and putting the extra in the ordinary. Eva wants to share bits and pieces of her experiences to our readers in hopes they have the urge to plan their next adventure!

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