Guest Post: Packing as a Solo Traveler

If you’re going on a long trip, pack smart! Especially if you are carrying a minimum amount of luggage. First I will share with you my packing list of clothes, then other essential items. All of these are optional but I highly recommend you consider some of these objects in order to travel smoothly and efficiently.

The amount of clothes you bring is up to you and depends on the destination you’re going, but I will say – don’t pack much. I always tend to overpack, so once I’m done, I go back and try to take away most things. Bring clothes that you love and are convenient enough to suit you in different situations.

Here’s my list :

  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • One long pant
  • One pajama
  • 6 or 7 tops
  • One athletic outfit
  • One nice dress or outfit
  • A bathing suit
  • A sweater
  • A pair of sneakers
  • A pair of flip flops or sandals

It’s not a lot and you’re always going to end up wearing the same thing, but I won’t blame you if you pack a few more things (I’m the first one to do it!) Don’t forget that you will be able to buy things that you need once you get to your destination, so even if you lose stuff it’s not a big deal.

Traveling light is the best and easiest way of going around, especially if you’re backpacking, you don’t want to carry 20kg of clothes on your back for months.

Pai, Thailand

Here’s my list for other essentials:

  • Hand Laundry. In case you’re running out of underwear and there is no laundry service where you are.
  • A universal adaptor. Whatever country you’re in, you won’t have to worry about plugs anymore!
  • An external battery. During a long bus trip your phone might run out of battery and this can be a problem if you have some important things on it (reservations, itineraries, etc.) Also, an external battery is always welcome when your camera runs out of charge right in front of a breathtaking view.
  • Extra memory cards. You will want to have wonderful memories of your trip, and you don’t always have the chance to find a computer in order to put your pictures and videos on your external battery.
  • A hangable toiletry bag. You might end up in a questionable hostel at some point, with a tiny bathroom and nothing to put your bag on. This is a situation that you’ll be happy to be able to hang your bag on the door handle.
  • Feminine Products. Boys, this one won’t be very useful for you. In some countries, it’s quite hard and expensive to buy tampons and pads (Thailand for example). If you bring your own products you, you will avoid you a panic attack when the time of the month is here but you’re trekking far away from any kind of civilization.  
  • A lock. Especially if you’re staying in hostels or want to secure your suitcase or backpack on a plane, this is essential!
  • A Revolut card. Get this card for less than $10 on the internet and you won’t have to worry about bank fees when you’re getting money from an ATM abroad!
  • A set of packing cubes. Especially if you’re backpacking, this is such a gain of space and will help you to be more organized and find anything easily.

What are your packing trip essentials?

Xo Jules

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I'm a 21 years old French student and travel lover! For the past few years, I used my studies as an excuse to travel. Learning English in the US, discovering Ireland through an English language school, doing a semester abroad in Thailand and traveling all around Asia, I'm trying to see as much of the world as I can and I'm happy to share it! Follow me on Instagram : JulhzWanderlust

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