Ways to Beat Jet Lag

There’s not much that is worse than jet lag. [Jet lag means that your circadian rhythm (your internal clock) is out of sync with its new environment.] Arriving to your destination tired, groggy, and hungry can really wear on your body. It can knock you out for a few days during your trip and post-trip, and that is the last thing you want to happen!

Flying over the Alps in Italy

The number one thing that helps me prevent jet lag is getting on the same schedule with the location I am in. When I visited Paris in November I was so excited that I didn’t sleep much on the overnight flight across the Atlantic. When we arrived in Paris around noon I was tired and hungry! We decided to take a quick nap (not always the best thing, but for us it worked) right when we arrived to allow us to stay up the rest of the day/night.

Here are some other things you can do to beat jet lag blues:

  • Sleep at the right times. It always helps to be well rested before your trip and try to get rest and relaxation on the plane rides back and forth. 
  • Have a routine. Adjusting to a routine of going to bed at a decent hour and waking up at a decent hour is a good way to get into a rhythm on your vacation. Sleeping in and wasting the day because you were up too late is not a recipe for success, especially if you want to explore to the fullest!
  • Stay hydrated. Bring on the H2O! Water over alcohol is your best bet. Yes, a glass or two of wine on the plane may make you fall asleep but it also dehydrates you and won’t keep you asleep for long. Taking a probiotic or drinking some kombucha is also a good way to boost your immune system during your travels so you are not overly groggy or sleepy.
  • Make moves. When you arrive to your destination, you may not feel like going for a walk, but it will revitalize your muscles after the flight and give you more energy the following days. Plus, it’s a great way to see the city you just landed in.

Don’t be punished for your jet-setting life and try to stay ahead by preparing your body’s eating and sleeping patterns.

What works best for you to avoid jet lag?

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