Exploring Miyajima Island

Miyajima Island is known to be one of the most scenic spots in Japan. It is located on the Seto Inland Sea and is referred to as an “Island of Gods.” It is home to wild deer, the Itsukushima Shrine, and many temples and historic monuments.


The Aki Grand Hotel is located a short ferry ride away from Miyajima Island, in the Hiroshima Prefecture. We arrived to the hotel in the afternoon, excited to have time to relax and recover from a hectic few days since our arrival to Japan. We were met with the most beautiful greenery when we stepped into the lobby of this grand hotel.



After being welcomed by staff and receiving our keys, we went to explore our “Japanese-style” rooms. They were stunning! A wide window let in natural light and revealed a beautiful backdrop of the sea and mountains. The floors were covered in mats and we were provided robes and slippers to wear around the room (and hotel if we wanted.) During the day, the room was set up with a table and chairs at the center. Before evening, someone came in for “turn-down” service and rolled out sleeping mats. (They were more comfortable than they sound!)



2017-03-15 17.52.29
The view from our room

One of the best features of the Aki Grand, in my opinion, is their onsen. An onsen is a Japanese hot spring and bathing facility and is very popular among locals.  It’s similar to a spa, though you are not allowed to wear clothes (including a robe.) You must remove everything, bathe in a designated area, then head to the hot springs to soak. You bathe again after coming out, and this particular onsen had amazing products for you to use afterwards including facial peels, lotions, and oils. It was a unique and relaxing experience. I recommend visiting an onsen if you have the chance to travel to Japan. It is a complete rejuvenation of body and spirit, and a great way to participate in Japanese culture.


2017-03-15 17.42.06

After the onsen experience we enjoyed a delicious dinner. Pictured below is just the appetizer!

The next morning we woke up to breakfast with a view before departing for a ferry ride to Miyajima Island. It was a peaceful, smooth, and beautiful ride.

2017-03-16 07.08.32

2017-03-16 08.21.40



One of the first things I noticed after arriving to Miyajima is all the beautiful deer living on the island. They seemed so peaceful and relaxed living on this beautiful oasis. I did not touch any of the deer, even though they are known to be friendly, since they are still wild animals. I loved observing them relaxing by the water.

We then went on to explore all the beautiful shrines and temples around the island. There is also a main street where you can find plenty of shops to buy cute souvenirs.

2017-03-16 10.01.52

Miyajima Island is an incredible place and I highly recommend visiting this scenic beauty in Japan if you ever get the chance. Enjoy the rest of my pictures below!

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Miyajima Island

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